Public Consultations

All types or size of public consultations can be provided

By it’s very nature parking provokes strong reactions in many people and stakeholders. If we are working with a local authority to review, as an example, a Residential Parking Zone, we will find that responses come from a wide range of businesses and residents who have an interest in the suggestions. Often, ownership of a vehicle is not a necessary requirement for involvement in the parking and traffic issues; you may be concerned with parking arrangements in front of your house or in how your customers can leave their vehicle before visiting your business premises.

The importance of public consultations has grown with the government encouraging their use and issuing guidelines on the process. A range of principles need to be met including:

  • Clear and concise objectives and documentation
  • Comprehensive cover of all interested parties
  • Appropriate time scales and timing to allow understanding and response.
  • Efficient and accessible methods of public consultation
  • User friendly, robust and accessible reporting of process and results

How can we help?

We can provide professional and cost effective support for all types and size of public consultation. Our team are experienced in providing and reporting on public consultations and in the parking and traffic issues that are being discussed.

Experienced Alpha Parking staff will discuss your objectives and the scope of the consultation requirements and can provide advice on the best approach to follow to meet your requirements. We can manage the whole exercise for you or specific areas, whichever is most useful. Engaging with the public by organising and managing all types of public consultation is one of our specialities. Examples include;

  • letter drop consultations
  • one to one questionnaires
  • full public consultations
  • electronic surveys

Each has their place and requires a different expertise. Our experienced in house team will work with you to provide the service that you require and, when appropriate, a professional report to explain our methodology, analyse results and make recommendations.


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