ATC Survey

Want to understand how an ATC survey can help you?

An automatic traffic count survey is an easy, quick and effective way of collecting data over the road. Our main customers use this survey to help determine speed statistics and volume of traffic. These surveys are effective with transport planning

This survey was originally designed to help gather a quick reliable traffic measure. A rubber strip or inflatable tube is secured to the road surface allowing vehicles to still drive through the road safely, data is gathered on vehicle speed, classification, direction and traffic volume and uploaded to the specific software. Surveys can take place over a duration of days to provide comparable results, the standard number of days is a full week Monday to Sunday.


How Alpha Parking can help?

Our team ensure the road furniture is placed accordingly to your specification which will be confirmed via a visual map clearly showing the location. As the data is collected on-the-go through technology, it is available to download into an excel spreadsheet. Our experienced reporting team will provide a user friendly tabular form report with the methodology amended to meet your objectives.


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