Parking Capacity Survey

Want to understand how a parking capacity survey can help you?

The amount of available parking space is an important matter to most vehicle users and has an impact on where people are willing to travel. Busy areas including town centres, tourist sites, market towns, resort towns, all attract more visitors, especially during non-term time thus making it more difficult for usual residents, visitors and workers to park. A parking capacity survey provides a judgement on whether it is feasible to increase the number of parking spaces in a specific area to meet parking demand.

An assessment of current parking capacity is useful and can be crucial to determine if there is anything that can be changed which is causing a shortage of parking spaces. This survey targets areas on-street and off-street where additional parking spaces can be utilised.

The survey will be undertaken and reported in accordance to parking guidelines, whilst providing recommendation of the type of parking space that could become available; for example a paid bay or shared use bay.


How Alpha Parking can help?

We understand that this assessment does come with considerable recommendations to apply changes that will implement additional capacity. Therefore, a full schedule of implementing these changes will be provided.

Our reports will be tailored to meet your objectives and the methodology will be tailored to your requirements. The reports will include a visual map to present areas where further parking can be introduced, as well as specific photographs for any recommendations.


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