Unmet Demand Survey

Want to understand how a unmet demand survey can help you?

When a demand for taxi services is unmet due to excessive queuing and long waiting periods at taxi ranks it means there could be a requirement for an unmet demand survey. This survey is incredibly useful and becomes a fundamental survey for The Department of Transport to be able to grant a registered authority more licenses.

Today, most private hire vehicles have to be pre-booked in advance by the passenger, therefore the level of demand could be hard to establish. Passengers could be waiting a long time for a taxi, especially at peak times. It is important that licensed authorities should be meeting customer requirements which should be reported to The Department of Transport.

An unmet demand survey will have to meet the requirements of Section 16 of the 1985 Transport Act this clearly states that the grant of a licence may only be refused if the local authority or an associated partner is satisfied that there is no significant unmet demand for Hackney carriages within the area.

How Alpha Parking can help?

Our experienced survey team will be monitoring taxi ranks over a period of time. This survey will record he number of inbound and outbound taxi’s on a rank as well as the number of occupants. The level of team and requirement can vary depending on the survey requirements and objectives.

The report will highlight the demand, usage and peak times at all taxi rank locations. A map can be provided of all the taxi rank locations to support the methodology.

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