Parking Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping and Parking Management

Our mystery shopping is carried out by parking experts whose feedback means we can recommend ways to improve your service, identify what is working well and highlight areas that need consideration.

How will your parking operation benefit from a mystery shopping exercise?

You may believe you are managing your parking operation effectively and well but how can you be sure of this or demonstrate it to others? How can you be sure that your customer service is at the level you require, that your staff are conforming to your procedures and legislative requirements or that a specific change is working effectively? Our Parking Mystery Shopping checks help in all these areas. A mystery shopping review will provide a different viewpoint from that of a formal assessment. By acting as members of the public our team are able to give a clear and unbiased account of your parking service from a customer’s viewpoint.

How can we help?

Our Mystery Shopping service, provides a “pick and mix” selection of quality checks across all parking operations including the enforcement and customer contact teams. Our specialist parking team will perform specific tasks aimed at probing the quality of areas such as how enforcement officers interact with the public, their technical knowledge and professionalism, the effectiveness of your parking operation and how you assist the public in the parking environment.

We can carry out specialist audits of notice processing files and pose as members of the public to check reaction to customers, technical  knowledge and letter writing skills. Customer service and technical knowledge can be assessed via telephone calls as well.

Our project team will provide a professional report explaining areas such as the background and objectives, the mystery shopping approach, the results and our recommendations

A number of clients find it useful to have us carry out Mystery Shopping exercises on an annual basis to assess how the operation has progressed and to highlight any areas where adjustments may be beneficial.

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