Parking Stress Surveys

We provide you with professional and cost effective parking surveys.

Why do you need Parking Stress Surveys?

When a planned development is being reviewed by the local authority, or by the developer themselves, the potential impact on the local on-street parking will be a major issue. Parking Stress Surveys or a Parking Stress Survey have become the accepted standard approach. These surveys both assess the current parking profile and provide an understanding of the impact on the parking capacity of any new development.

How can we help?

Our experienced parking surveyors will follow the industry standard approach to measure and calculate the available authorised parking spaces around a development or site. Surveys will be carried out at the most heavily used times in order to assess the number of vehicles parked in the area. Parking Stress is the recognised approach to showing the usage level in percentage terms. these percentage results are used to highlight the level of parking availability in the agreed area.

Our Parking Stress Survey Reports explain our approach and provide the information required by the authority and developer. We have been complimented on our ability to provide parking survey, and specifically parking stress survey, reports that are useful, professional and user friendly.

The Parking Stress Surveys must be provided by independent professional parking companies and meet the industry standard requirements (based on the “Lambeth Methodology”).

Increasingly, Planning Departments require these parking surveys to assess any potential impact on parking capacity for developments of all sizes. We can provide parking surveys for all size areas and type of requirement.

Councils and car park operators use our experienced teams for parking stress surveys to assess the demands on parking capacity in specific areas or sites.

Our busy team have recently carried out Parking Stress Surveys or a Parking Stress Survey for a wide range of developments and private operators and for local councils such as the London Boroughs of Croydon and Southwark and Sevenoaks Council in Kent.

We can survey off-street car parks and can provide other types of parking surveys.


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