Traffic Order

Traffic Order: TRO or TMO

Are traffic order issues causing you concern? Our experienced team can help.

A traffic order provides the legislative backing to parking restrictions in all areas of the UK; if the traffic order is incorrect then the parking restriction cannot be enforced. As the UK is a small island with a high population density it is especially important for both the traffic flow and the safety of the users of the highways that parking enforcement is carried out efficiently. This means that a traffic order is an important part of any parking operation managed by the Traffic Management Act 2004 in England and Wales and the Road Traffic Act 1991 in Scotland.

A traffic order outside London is referred to as a traffic regulation order (TRO), within London the equivalent traffic order is called a Traffic Management Order (TMO).

Local Authorities have a duty both to ensure that traffic orders (TROs and TMOs) are correctly drafted and made and that they are clearly communicated to the public. Producing and maintaining the different types of traffic order and ensuring the signs and lines are correct are specialist skills which require, as well, an attention to detail. Our Traffic Order team are experienced in all the requirements and issues of this important part of a parking operation.

How can we help?

If you have any issues with a traffic order (TRO and TMO) we can help. We provide expert, professional advice in drafting and implementing all types of traffic orders, plus the support you need to ensure your team is dealing effectively with this complicated area of traffic management.

We can draft or make any type of traffic order, including:

  • Amendment orders
  • Permanent, temporary or emergency orders
  • Consolidations
  • Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) revisions and implementations
  • CPE (Civil Parking Enforcement) implementation and development
  • Any off-street traffic order
  • Specialist requirements such as events, markets and pedestrian areas
  • Temporary notices and temporary orders
  • Public notices, advertisements and all other documents relating to the traffic order
  • Mobile phone payments amendments
  • Car clubs and exemptions orders
  • TROs, TMOs and Scottish and Welsh equivalents.

Would a Traffic Order Review help you?

Traffic orders are key to the running of the highways and many car parks; because of their key role it can be useful to have our experienced team check and report to you on their robustness in areas such as:

– how correctly the signs  and lines reflect the traffic orders; any errors make it difficult for the public to follow the traffic order requirements

– whether ParkMap (or any other form of GIS mapping) is an accurate representation of the traffic order.

– if the traffic order conforms to the legal requirements

Our Traffic Order Reviews can provide you with reassurance and recommendations about your position and assist in your planning for the future.  These exercises can be especially useful if you are looking to carry out processes such as a Consolidation Order or to move to using map based traffic orders. Our Traffic Order Support Team can provide support in these areas.

Our Parking Survey team can support all the traffic order and mapping work by carrying out  professional surveys of the on street restrictions.

Moving to Map Based Traffic Orders or introducing Moving Traffic?

A traditional traffic order used a text based schedule to provide details of the type of parking restriction and its geographical description. This can lead to considerable confusion for everyone trying to understand, explain and enforce the traffic order.

Map based schedules show the restrictions visually with appropriate information, such as hours of restriction, attached.

Our experienced Mapping team can provide support in implementing and updating ParkMap and other GIS mapping systems

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