Vehicle Exit & Entry Survey

Want to understand how a vehicle entry and exit survey can help you?

A secure and safe car park is usually a preferred parking space for customers, allowing easy entry access to sites. The demand for a car parking space can be identified with a vehicle entry and exit survey. This survey can provide crucial information for development plans, such as; introducing further spaces and controlling peak times, ensuring there is no overflow onto surrounding roads which could impact traffic flow.

It is important to keep your customers happy and meet their expectations whilst juggling parking revenue. The vehicle entry and exit survey focuses on counting the number of vehicles entering and exiting the site at 15 minute intervals during the car park operating hours. We can also classify vehicles by type, if required. The results will determine the peak parking times to inform you on whether controls need to be put in place to help manage the demand.


How Alpha Parking can help?

Our experienced reporting team will provide the data highlighting peak times of demand. The user friendly report will also include a methodology, survey statistics and conclusion to assist with the sites objective.


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