Notice Processing

Notice Processing

Notice Processing is a complicated area; would your staff benefit from specialist training?

Our experienced trainers can help develop your staff and extend their Notice Processing knowledge and efficiency.

The Notice Processing section makes major decisions for all parking operations. These decisions cover a wide specialist area and can relate to a range of matters. Examples include ensuring procedures meet the required standards, providing positive customer services and making technical decisions on a parking ticket. To meet these requirements staff working in Notice Processing require a considerable level of technical knowledge and understanding of operational approaches. These requirements are made even more necessary because of the high emotions provoked in the public by parking enforcement. Getting matters right can reduce these emotions and experience and confidence can help to improve customer service. A Notice Processing course can provide the specialist knowledge and increase staff morale and confidence

City and Guilds provided the first focused parking qualifications in 2008. This foundation for specialist parking training was the Level 3 Notice Processing qualification and the Level 2 Parking Enforcement qualification.

Alpha Parking is now the City and Guilds Partner in developing and providing all the specialist parking qualifications including the Notice Processing training. We work with City and Guilds to ensure the learning outcomes and content are comprehensive and up to date and to develop new qualifications so that a suitable path is available for on going parking training. Examples of the additional City and Guild modules include the Level 2 Parking Customer Services award and the Parking Supervisor and Team Leader training. In addition, we can provide bespoke training courses on specialist Notice Processing areas such as Parking Legislation, Challenges and Appeals and Traffic Orders for the Parking Department.

The qualifications can be provided for public or private parking operations and for operations in Scotland and Wales as well as England.

How can we help?

Our trainers are experienced in both parking itself and in giving the training. The Notice Processing training is usually provided on site and includes useful handouts which come together to provide a handbook. We are the largest independent supplier of parking training in the UK and are often providing further training for returning customers.

For public and private parking operations we can provide:

  • City and Guilds Level 3 specialist notice processing training and qualification
  • One day courses focusing on specific areas such as Mitigation & Challenges or Traffic Orders for the Parking Department
  • Bespoke training to meet your requirements

The Notice Processing qualifications are relevant for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

If you are interested in providing structured support and development to your staff by means of a Parking Training Plan we are happy to discuss with you the approach and the support that we offer.

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