Parking Condition Survey

Want to understand how a parking condition survey can help you?

You are putting your customers first by seeking a visual assessment on how to improve your parking area. Our in-house team will look out and report on any improvements or potential hazards that could have a crucial impact on customers not wanting to use your facility.

It is important to provide a safe and clean parking experience to your customer. Overtime parking conditions are expected to change and if no assessment has been made this can be detrimental to your facility. This survey will bring to light any hazards, sign and line improvements, damaged barriers, fences, road surface, pot-holes or broken machinery. We can also comment on areas that have substantial graffiti or are generally unclean.

This survey can be carried out from both on-street and off-street parking areas including way finding signs leading to a car park to be consistent and clear.


How Alpha Parking can help?

We understand that the request for a condition survey is to provide specific recommendations for improvement and we will also ensure your overall objectives are met. Our team use their parking knowledge to ensure that parking conditions meet an acceptable standard.

Our written report will provide the project background, methodology and a section outlining what areas were looked into. We will report via a traffic light approach of areas that are “good”, “acceptable” or “poor”. Photographic evidence will be supplied for all areas where the parking condition could be improved along with recommendations.


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