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Supervisor & Team Leaders

Supervisor & Team Leaders

The Parking Supervisor City & Guilds course provides parking leadership and problem-solving training and the chance to broaden your understanding of specialist industry areas.

The Parking Industry has grown and developed enormously in the recent past in both the public and the private sectors. The number of licensed vehicles in the UK has increased every year, except 1991, since 1945. In 2013 the government stated there were 35 million licensed vehicles in Great Britain. The size of the parking issue is indicated by the fact that vehicles are estimated to be parked for an average of 95%  of the time. This growth in parking usage must be seen against the geographical and historical background of the UK; we are a small island with most highways, towns and cities still following a layout often developed well before motor vehicles were invented.

As the challenges have grown within the parking industry legislation, Codes of Practice and industry procedures have been developed to provide a structured approach and professional standards. All of these must be understood and applied within a many faceted environment where feelings can often run high. Parking Supervisors are often in the front line needing to manage a team, decide on technical issues and priorities and ensure a pro-active customer service.

How can we help?

Our City and Guilds Parking Supervisor course provides specialist training for Parking Supervisors or their equivalent in the parking industry. Introduced in 2014 it has proved a very popular course with delegates finding it useful both for the training and the chance to discuss their experiences with other parking professionals.

The course is carried out in workshop format and provides a useful and enjoyable experience. Assessment is by multi-choice examination at the end of the training.

If you have parking experience, the basic City and Guilds qualifications or are new to the industry this training will provide a positive development pathway.

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