Queue Length Survey

Want to understand how a queue length survey can help you?

A topic that causes frustration to motorists, queues can cause disruption to daily responsibilities. Underlining what is causing a queue is fundamental for any development. This can be determined with a monitoring assessment over a period of time.

A queue length survey assesses the number of vehicles at a stand-still, this could be at a junction or between traffic lights. The monitoring is usually based on the client requirement or objective and can include an assessment over multiple lanes.

The survey can also be monitoring how many vehicles can pass a traffic light signalling at one given time which can overall have an impact on the queue length.

This assessment is particularly key for planning, development and temporary requirement for road works.


How Alpha Parking can help?

Our experienced survey team will be recording vehicles over a period of time, the number of surveyors required will vary depending on the size of the project. An additional visual map can be provided to show where the queue length took place with heat maps to provide a visual on the demand.

Our reporting team will provide clear and focused results. The report will also include a methodology, survey statistics and conclusion to assist with the sites objective


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