Traffic Order Training

Traffic Orders

Alpha Parking have the level of expertise needed  to provide a robust and high-standard traffic order training and the required  support  for a local authority to design and implement traffic orders.

Training for effective road system

Understanding the legislation and processes behind traffic orders is essential when it comes to operating a simple and effective road system.

Traffic Regulations Orders (TRO) or Traffic Management Orders (TMO) should be clear, concise and fit-for-purpose, but all too often the process becomes confused because the person or department dealing with traffic orders does not have a clear understanding of what is required.

Traffic Orders training and workshops

Alpha Parking provides a number of different traffic order training options and workshops to suit the level of knowledge required. All our courses can be either delivered at a central venue or on-site.

Traffic Orders for the Parking Department:

This is a one-day workshop designed to provide a good basis for parking department staff to understand the appropriate structure, types and uses of traffic orders, their signs and lines connections and their impact on notice processing evidence.

Advanced Traffic Order Training:

A two or three day course that combines an overview of traffic orders and a more detailed look at the drafting and making of different types of order.

Traffic Order Mentoring:

Mentoring enables the client to deal with real orders as they are required, tackling specific problems that arise in ‘real time’ and allows us to meet the particular training needs of the delegate while contributing as well to the production and management of the orders. This is on-going support and training, during which time we would work closely with the individual or team.

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