Parking Compliance Survey

Want to understand how a parking compliance survey can help you?

A parking compliance survey measures the level of compliance against car parking regulations. We work closely with the client to identify what information is needed and the most relevant way to present the data in a consistent format. This type of survey supports your parking strategy and policy.

As a parking manager, you want to know that your parking strategy and your enforcement regulations are working. Their success will be measured in terms of infringements by motorists.

You may have streets or areas where there is an unusually high number of motorists parking in contravention. A number of factors can explain these situations. The signage might be inappropriate or unclear; the area might be known as an area where the motorist ‘might get away with not paying’, it might be that a recent change to the restrictions has not been well-communicated.


How Alpha Parking can help?

No one method suits all, so we will ensure that our offering is tailored precisely to your circumstances. We will discuss with you what you are hoping to achieve through your parking policy and decision-making. Once we established what is needed, our compliance study will provide the necessary facts and figures to assess the situation. Our experienced team can then analyse the results and advise on issues that affects your parking strategy.

We can provide the data in whatever format best suits your needs – this may be map-based, a written report, a graph, digital information or a combination of all of these.


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