Car Park Reviews

Car Park Reviews

Our Car Park Reviews will help you effectively manage and develop your car parks; our experts can assist you in improving your operation and maximising your asset.

Car Park Reviews as a development tool

Are you responsible for a car park? If you are this can cover an enormous range of different types of site; your car park could be attached to an airport, a hospital, a tourist attraction, an office, supplying a general facility or of another type entirely. Whatever your situation, and whatever size your car park, using our Car Park Reviews can provide valuable help in maximising your asset. A Car Park Review assists you in ensuring your car park is managed efficiently and will enable you to provide a cost effective and customer friendly service.

How can we help?

Our experienced teams carrying out the Car Park Reviews will look at all or part of your parking operation depending on your requirements. They will assess the effectiveness of what is in place and consider recommendations to assist you in developing your parking asset. We will cover the full range of factors that contribute to making the car park a valuable and and efficient product. This can include physical condition, wayfaring to the car park, the equipment and lighting and the tariffs and offers.

While the cost of the parking is not the only or, quite often, the most important factor that influences choice of a car park it remains a key function of the operational management. We can consider and advise on the levels of the parking tariffs and the different offers that can be made to attract customers and meet their requirements. This can include special offers, permits and season tickets.

Other areas which should be considered when carrying out car park reviews include a full understanding of the levels and different types of usage. Your car park may be mainly for specific users such as the leisure or retail trades but you may well be surprised by the other users who are occupying spaces; this can include commuters using the local train station, office workers or your own staff. We will help you understand the user profile and the times of main occupancy. This knowledge helps us understand their impact on your asset and suggest ways to manage the position.

For your car parks you will want your strategy, policies and pricing to meet your objectives and attract motorists to your sites. We can help you in all areas including:

  • Tariff review and offers to attract customers at specific times
  • Car park layout with signs and lines
  • Different usage requirements and how they can be managed
  • Use of permits and  season tickets
  • Income maximisation
  • Strategic development
  • Occupancy and usage surveys
  • Operational and procurement recommendations

We have carried out many reviews on car parks including assessing tariff levels, the customer offer and  opportunities to maximise income and can offer a professional and useful service

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