ParkMap and GIS Mapping

Could you benefit from our team’s experience with ParkMap and GIS Mapping?

Increasingly, ParkMap and GIS mapping tools are used for a range of tasks; these include managing and recording traffic orders and assisting in other areas. Other areas can include designing CPZs and illustrating the results from parking surveys.

ParkMap and GIS mapping are useful tools in drafting and managing traffic orders throughout the UK.

Traffic Orders provide legal backing to all parking restrictions enforced under the Traffic Management Act 2004 (TMA) in England and Wales and the Road Traffic Act 1991 in Scotland. As such, traffic orders are key to all parking operations acting on this legislation and it is vital that they are both comprehensive and precise. Describing the geographical position of the parking restrictions using the traditional text format is open to error and can be confusing. ParkMap and GIS mapping systems assist by showing the parking restrictions in visual format; users find this visual format based on an ordinance survey map easier to understand.

There are a number of ways in which ParkMap and GIS Mapping assist with Traffic Orders:

  • Showing the traffic orders in map format rather than as many pages of written schedules. This makes them easier to use and manage within a local council.
  • The mapping can be shown on the Council website for use by the public. This assists with understanding of restrictions and queries about parking tickets.
  • ParkMap and GIS Mapping can be used to provide map based schedules for traffic orders in place of the traditional written schedules.

The mapping approach is increasingly recognised as a more user friendly and clear approach but, to make it work properly, the parking restrictions must be entered exactly and comprehensibly.

How can we help you?

Our experienced team can assist you with skills and resources to carry out all tasks associated with ParkMap and GIS mapping. This can include initial implementation or consolidations, one off challenges such as a single order or covering for the absence of one of your staff. We can provide, as well, on-going support so that we update your ParkMap and GIS Mapping whenever this is needed.

Often our Traffic Order and Mapping Teams work together on projects to provide an inclusive service. As an example, we provide on-going traffic order drafting/making and ParkMap updating service for a number of local authorities.

Increasingly, people are looking to use map-based schedules rather than the traditional text based ones. We can help you consider whether or not to make the transfer by explaining what is involved in the transition, the appropriate tasks and the benefits that can be gained.

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