Environmental Enforcement

Will Environmental Enforcement Training help your staff?

Our Environmental Enforcement Training Courses will improve your services and give confidence to your team.

The requirement for Environmental Enforcement Training has increased over the last twenty years as interest has grown in the whole environmental area. How we can protect and improve the world we live in has become a concern in many countries. Within the UK a whole range of issues are recognised as having an impact from general spreading of litter to specific areas such as dog fouling and fly tipping. As an indication of the size of one of the problems there are estimated to be in excess of 8 million dogs in the UK producing more than 1,000 tons of mess a day.

Local Authorities take their responsibilities in these areas very seriously and enforce environmental regulations by issuing Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs). The enforcement approach must be fair and follow the appropriate legislation and procedures; this means the officer issuing the FPN must be fully aware of the legal and procedural background and able to deal politely and positively with often irate members of the public.  If an FPN is contested then the issue goes to court with witness statements and witnesses in person providing evidence.

This means that the environmental enforcement officers must have the technical and personal skills to efficiently carry out a wide ranging job in what can often be challenging circumstances.

How can we help?

Attending our Environmental Enforcement Training and successfully completing the multi-choice examinations gives your officers the necessary skills and confidence to perform their roles efficiently.

The Environmental Enforcement Training course covers the knowledge and skills required including, specifically, conflict management.

Topics include;

  • Dog fouling and dog control
  • Fly tipping
  • Littering
  • Public space protection orders
  • Anti social behaviour
  • Issuing an FPN
  • Evidence gathering and witness statements
  • Conflict management

Courses are provided on site throughout the UK and can be adjusted to meet your requirements.

The courses are run by our experienced trainers in a relaxed environment. The approach is varied with an interesting mix of different types of sessions including group work, questions and answers and knowledge based discussions.

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