Duration Parking Surveys

Want to understand how Duration Parking Surveys can help you?

If you are planning a parking scheme or seeking understanding of your car park Duration Parking Surveys will provide core information.

Our Duration Parking Surveys mean you can understand how long and when vehicles park in a particular place. Our team use their parking survey skills to assess the number of official parking spaces available and then to record the parked vehicles at regular points over a period of time. They will record the VRM characteristics of each vehicle so we can analyse the data and report on how long vehicles are parked and in which periods in the day they use the parking facility.

This exercise provides extremely useful data on the type of user for the parking spaces and the occupancy levels at specific times. The Duration Parking Surveys are becoming increasingly used as a key to understanding the parking usage and the trends in an area, a road or a car park. We will work with you to understand why you are carrying out the parking survey and then to recommend what would be the most useful and cost effective approach to the survey. We have  successfully carried out these surveys for all types of client and are happy to work on any size of project.

Our reports will be tailored to meet your specific needs and to provide a considerable amount of data in a clear and user friendly fashion

This information provides a basis for developing parking strategy, making decisions on parking adjustments and deciding CPZ implementation and areas.

Our recent Duration Parking Surveys include car park usage for parking strategy reviews and recommendations and parking profiles for areas where new parking schemes are being considered.

Find out more by contacting us at parkingenquiries@aparking.co.uk or on 020 7242 2567