Parking Stress Surveys provided by Alpha Parking

Parking Stress Surveys are one of the products provided by Alpha Parking’s specialist Survey Team.

The requirement often arises where new developments with little or no parking provision on site are likely to increase parking demand in an area. Examples include when a house is being converted into a number of flats or a housing association is developing a previously commercial site. In such cases Council Planning Departments will often require a Parking Stress Survey to assess the probable impact of the development on on-street parking.


The aim of the surveys is to report on the percentage of approved on- street parking available during high demand times. The survey is carried out on an appropriate number of occasions usually during weekdays. The Alpha team will assess the number and position of available parking spaces in the area and then survey how many are occupied in the agreed period. The survey will be planned based on the specific environment so adjustments will be made to reflect factors that may impact the parking profile, for instance a nearby station.


The Alpha team always takes care to work as closely as possible with the appropriate Planning Department. This means both checking that the planned survey scope fits their requirements and that the output provided will meet their expectations. Standard Alpha output can include the report, maps and appropriate photographs. There are widely accepted standard requirements for these surveys and Alpha have the experience to ensure these are followed.


This is an area where Alpha offers an efficient, cost effective and quality product. If you are interested in a cost estimate or have any queries contact us in or telephone 020 7242 2567.