Alpha Parking Ltd
Cromwell House
Fulwood Place
High Holborn
London WC1V 6HZ
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7242 2567
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7242 1366
Alpha Parking offers Parking Consultancy, Parking Consultants, Traffic Orders, Parkmap and Parking Training in Greater London, Kent, Greater Manchester, South Yorkshire, Warwickshire


Alpha Parking Ltd is the leading UK independent supplier of parking consultancy services. 

We are one of the only consultancies specialising solely in parking and we provide a one stop shop service for all your parking needs both on and off-street.

Our parking consultants have built up years of experience of working both within the private and the public sector and we developed a strong expertise and an in-depth knowledge of parking and enforcement.

We offer expertise in the following areas:


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