Specialist Workshops

We understand that staff will sometimes need to learn skills that are outside the parameters of recognised industry standard training programmes. Whether it is to learn how to operate software such as ParkMap, or brushing up on your knowledge of traffic orders, we can provide a bespoke training course for you and your team.

Adapt training to your needs

From our experience in the parking industry we have found the workshops listed below are the most popular and widely required by our clients, both in the public and private sector. However, we are always happy to add to our repertoire or adapt existing courses to provide for your specific requirements.

Customer service and parking

This is aimed at staff involved on the front-line of your operation. Is your service up to scratch? Are your staff professional and polite at all times? Does the customer come away from a situation reassured that the best course of action has been taken?

These are all areas where good customer service will lead to a positive relationship between your staff and the general public.

Enforcement and notice processor refreshers

This course is aimed at staff who have already taken their operational course, but could benefit from a refresher course. They might have been working in the field for a number of years and need to update their knowledge and skills. Alternatively, you may feel there is an area that an employee needs to revisit so he or she can operate more effectively and confidently.

Traffic Orders for the parking department

Traffic orders change regularly with new building developments, alterations to road networks and the implementation of parking restrictions in urban areas. There are also some major changes coming to signs and lines regulations soon, so there may well be a raft of changes to signage and traffic orders across the UK. You and your staff will need to be aware of changes as well as confident in explaining traffic orders to other staff and the general public. This course looks at the regulations, their development and history and how a parking department designs and implements traffic orders.

Mitigation and challenges

Your notice processing staff and anyone involved in the enforcement process would benefit from having in-depth knowledge of penalty charge notice mitigations and challenges. The quicker and more effectively a parking department deals with challenges, the less the process costs in terms of time and money.

Parking legislation

Like all legislation, parking regulations change over time. This could be due to a change in administration, a change in technology or a realisation that there is a more effective way of achieving something. Your staff need to kept up-to-date with parking legislation, but you cannot expect this to happen organically. Sometimes you need to call on the experts to come in and give your staff a refresher on the changes and how they are affected. It is our job at Alpha Parking to keep up with the times and then pass that knowledge on to you and your staff.