Park Map

As one of the only consultancies to have a specialist full-time ParkMap team we are uniquely placed to offer whatever level of support is appropriate.

Visual mapping for parking issues

Whether you are creating traffic orders, designing controlled parking zones or showing the results of parking surveys, gathering, storing, analysing and sharing data can be a very time consuming and difficult process.

To respond to the complexity of these tasks, GIS mapping systems have emerged as industry standards. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software allow to make detailed, clear and concise visualisations of your data.

Using a tool allowing map-based inventory of parking and moving traffic regulations is requires time, knowledge and standardised procedures to maintain a good quality of output.

Introductory and Advanced ParkMap training

Our courses provide you with user friendly, up-to-date, and professional training and are specifically designed to enable you to:

Keep an accurate record of all traffic orders and their associated documentation
Provide a visual display of all related restrictions
Help parking departments become more efficient in maintaining records
Provide more timely and accurate information in response to appeals

Two-Day Introductory Course

Delegates learn the basics of ParkMap including set-up, configuration, the use of the tools and features, and explore the relationship between restrictions, orders and schedules as well as how to enter and export data.

Two-Day Advanced Course

Delegates learn the advanced techniques involved in maintaining a ParkMap database, creating consolidation orders automatically, designing parking schemes and creating traffic orders from those designs.