Parking Survey

A Parking Survey You Might Need

Effectively managing parking on-street and in car parks requires a range of information, we can help you by gathering this and providing professional and useful reports.

What type of parking survey would be useful?

We will work with you to agree what type of parking survey will suit your needs best. Once the approach is decided we can agree the appropriate scope and frequency of the survey beats to meet your objectives.

The different  types of parking survey that we provide can be designed to respond to the specific requirements of your project. There are the core survey types discussed on separate web pages, the Parking Duration Survey and Parking Stress Survey, and we can provide any other parking data that may be required.


Some of the most useful additional parking survey types are:

Occupancy Parking Survey:  these can be carried out on-street but are most often used in car parks; this parking survey looks at the volume of vehicles parked at any one time. The results provide useful data on levels of usage and, if different beats are carried out, can give clear indications of trends and when the parking capacity is being mostly heavily used, or otherwise.


Parking Compliance Surveys: often it can be very useful for parking management to understand whether their parking restrictions and rules are being complied with or ignored. In order to assess this our experienced parking surveyors will carry out beats to record the vehicles who do not comply and the reasons for the non-compliance. Our clients often like to carry out this type of parking survey at intervals during any period to assess changes in compliance.


Parking Asset Survey: a considerable investment is made in on-site equipment by every parking operation. A Parking Asset Survey means that you report to you on where each piece of equipment is positioned and its state of repair. We can provide photographs and maps to show equipment positions.


Sign and Line Reviews: Signs and Lines that show parking restrictions that are bound by the Traffic Management Act 2004 (in England and Wales) and the Road Traffic Act 1991 (in Scotland) must conform to the Traffic Signs and Regulations Act (TSRGD). Our experienced survey teams can review all your signs and lines and report on their compliance with the TSRGD Requirements and their maintenance levels.


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